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Here We Go Again! But This Time…

Here We Go Again! But This Time... ...We're prepared!! Last March we were ordered by State and Local officials to "Stay at Home" for 15 days to "flatten the curve."  Like the responsible people we are, we all followed suit, we hunkered down, wore masks and gloves, wiped every surface with rubbing alcohol, [...]

Zoom Classes Launch

Zoom Classes Launch On Monday October 19th I announced our newest deliver system for The Gluck Method - Zoom Classes.   While it could be considered that we are entering this new world of Zoom late, we have launched our classes in a manner that is far beyond what anyone has [...]

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting Hi, I know this comes with short notice, but I have been attempting to arrange a Manager Meeting for some time now but have not had a chance to get it set up. I am hoping that you will be able to join us on Monday via ZOOM. Here is the [...]

Recently Re-Emerged

Recently Re-Emerged Every now and then someone will reach out to us through to inquire about one of his early works - most often one of his watercolors from the 1960's during his time on the island of St. Thomas. When this occurs, it has been my practice to try to obtain [...]

Covering a Few Bases

Covering a Few Bases All of our art camps are coming to a close this week and things seem to be picking up in the regular classes as students begin to return to their new schools schedules.  We had a total of 84 starts and restarts last week – which is fantastic! Here [...]

Business Unusual

Business Unusual As you are all very aware, things are not “business as usual”.  In fact, it is anything but.  At present we have been able to regain some of the ground lost due to the forced closures; we have more ground to gain that is needed to become financially viable.  Most of [...]

Updates Resume

Updates Resume On Monday our Governor once again announced a number of statewide re-closures of many businesses.  This included in-dining restaurants, bars, theaters, bowling alleys, salons, barbers, etc.  Since that announcement we have been fielding calls and emails inquiring as to our status..."Are you still open?" The answer is "YES" we are still [...]

Orange County Studios to Re-Open

Orange County Studios to Re-Open Late Tuesday afternoon we received word that all Orange County studios can re-open as the O.C. has officially entered the last half of Phase 2!!! After conferring with all of the Program Directors in the 3 studios we have ironed out the final class schedules, set the date [...]

Another Week Gone By

Another Week Gone By While everyday I hope to post an announcement telling everyone "It's Our Turn", to know when we will be able to get back to our studios and start rebuilding our classes.  Unfortunately, after a week of updates from State and Local officials, there is still no concrete timeline or [...]